Join Snake-Man and His Ragtag Crew of Heroes in Snake Man’s Adventure, Coming to Steam this Spring and Nintendo Switch in Late 2021!

Save Earth from an Alien Invasion in Quirky Metroidvania 2D Action Platformer with a Healthy Dose of Humor

Dusseldorf, Germany — March 16th, 2021 — Snake Man’s Adventure, a side scrolling metroidvania 2D platformer, is heading to Steam later this Spring with a Nintendo Switch launch slated for later this year. Created by indie developer and publisher DosoSoft, Snake Man’s Adventure features side-scrolling action with a quirky sense of humor and retro-inspired, hand-drawn graphics.

A wouldbe hero if only people would take him seriously, Snake-Man is on a mission to prove his super skills by saving the planet Earth from an alien invasion, even though he is an alien himself. Nevertheless, Snake-Man sets off for Earth where he meets a motley crew of adventurers and together they set about saving humans from an onslaught of Grandiots. Join the Professor, Sophia, her dog “Doggo,” Liam and Snake-Man himself to travel through four colorful environments, collecting items, power ups and achievements, and even fighting some bosses along the way. With a quirky sense of humor and an outlandish story, Snake-Man’s Adventure pays tribute to 90s classics while not taking itself too seriously and keeping it fun and simple for a younger audience.

“I love the platformers from the 90s and tried to reproduce parts of that art style while transferring it to the modern age and making it more accessible for a younger audience while still keeping it interesting for the retro-fans of the classics,” said Felix Schwerz, Managing Director of DosoSoft. “Snake-Man’s Adventure is a quaintly nutty take on side-scrolling, family-friendly sci-fi adventures that is easy to pick up and play and sometimes make you roll your eyes while chuckling a little. And that’s what we are going for.”

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About DosoSoft
Founded in 2020, DosoSoft is an independent video game development studio based in Germany. With the aim of making fun, colorful titles with light-hearted quirky humor, the studio’s first game, Snake-Man’s Adventure will launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2021.