Join In The Mystery With Steam Game Lost In Labs X Demo Review

I was able to sit down on my laptop and check out this game on Steam. This game is called Lost in Labs and the demo is free to download as well. I got my cup of coffee ready and booted up my laptop.


Lucian is a pretty unique person as he can unhinge his mind and soul which can be transferred to someone else. He can even make lights blink on and blink off too! Well, Lucian has a friend named Amber and they were suppose to meet at the park after her doctor appointment. The next day came and there is no Amber. Lucian then journeys to the hospital to look for Amber and he is met with some opposition that won’t open the door.

With Lucian’s unique power, he is able to open the door and starts his investigation. From then on, you dodge and hide from those security guards while opening more doors and finding out more information to find Amber!

I’ve enjoyed the demo as its very creative and interesting. Story wise, its very interesting even with Lucian’s power and how he puts it to use. You have to be stealth to make sure those security guards don’t capture ya. While going through each room, you learn more about the hospital and the situation going on. The background art is basic but unique as it draws you in more to the story. I can’t wait until this game comes out and play some more!

Rating: 10 out of 10

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