John Wick 3 Review

John Wick 3 starts off where part two ends with half an hour left to get to safety. John is trying to get to a safe box he has for some very important items. The action starts fast and does not let off the gas the whole movie. The bounty on his head increasing by the hour with no safe place for him to go he calls in some favors. He goes to collect on Sofie’s blood oath marker to set him on the path to clearing his name. Overall this is a full on bullet ballet style movie. Action packed the choreography of the fight scenes are amazing and nonstop. The addition of the new characters Halle Berry and The Adjudicator with the new assassination Zero (Mark Dacascos). I really enjoyed this film the fight scenes are some of the best I’ve seen in along time the “gun-fu” is heavy in this one. A true throw back to the action film of my childhood. The story flows with the series and leaves it open for many more. If you love the series or a fan of action flicks don’t miss this one so much action from everyone in this film.