John Rhys-Davies is BAD CUPID coming February 12

A Comedy About Love, Obsession And One Crazy-Ass Cupid ❤️

How far would you go to get the love of your life? Anything? Kidnapping, maybe?

Bad Cupid is love held hostage at gunpoint. This comedy about love and obsession and an unhinged Cupid named Archie (John Rhys-Davies, Lord of the Rings) comes with a twist and surprise ending you will never see coming.

Meet Archie. A man on a mission to ensure true love always wins. Or, short of that, that someone is going to die trying. Not that he cares which. So beware anyone who gets in his way, especially anyone he’s actually trying to help. And in this case, that’s one heartbroken guy, Dave (Shane Nepveu, “Red Oaks”), his kooky cousin Morris (Briana Marin, “The Leftovers”), and the man about to marry the girl that got away.

Just because the girl is getting married doesn’t mean the groom can’t be bound, gagged and stuffed into a bathroom stall, where Dave will face a decision…help him escape or help Archie in a capital crime.

Oh, the choices we have to make for love.

RUN TIME: 81 mins. (Not Rated)
DIRECTORS: Diana Cossa and Neal Howard
WRITTEN BY Neal Howard & Ira Fritz and Anthony Piatek
PRODUCER: Larry Jay Tish
STARRING John Rhys-Davies, Shane Nepveu, Briana Marin and Claybourne Elder