John Orpheus New Bold Single Titled “Electric”

John Orpheus new bold single titled Electric is out now! We are able to check out the video to watch the song in action. John Orpheus shows us a story that everyone could relate to in our society. He showed us how we can blow up in an argument but also forgive after some time to reflect. This video was produced pretty decent to showcase the chemistry not only from the artist but also from the story of the song. Jordan Hamilton is able to jump in the track and do a rap verse in the song. I dig that as the verse added to the song’s story. You are given the view of how someone would fight and think its over, but given time to sit down and relax, a mind can change. Time gives you the antidote in order to forgive someone of their misgivings even if its small. John Orpheus new song Electric is pretty good to chill and jam to!

watch here:

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The new single, “Electric,” bridges the gap between John’s previous album, WEY YA CALL DAT TING, and the new full-length SAGA BOY. It’s a song about chemistry – the magic that catches our eye and gets us all in our feels. That spark. With a schoolyard chant disguised as a pop chorus filled with optimism and adoration, a Trini chant to blaze up and raise up and a whimsical rap verse by Michigan rapper/composer Jordan Hamilton, the song crackles with fun.