JESSA shares focus track “Not For You” + full LP “Simple Songs”

Jessa has her new track Not For You out now, but that is not all she has released. She has also released her new LP titled Simple Songs as well. Not For You takes you on a place where everything is not what it seems even when your in a familiar place. The faces are different but their ideals are the same. You just fall back into the corner and day dream of a quick escape. Jessa takes you to the emergency exit with her latest single using her soft voice.

Open the door and press play with Jessa!

Listen to Not For You:

Listen to Simple Songs LP:

Press Release:

Having made a name for herself through signature rhythmic and harmonically adventurous art pop, Jessica joined forces with producers Robyn Dell’Unto (LU KALA, Good Lovelies etc.) and Devon Henderson (Valery Gore, Running Red Lights etc.) to become JESSA, smashing layers of playful guitars and vocals into an indie-pop package, singing about trying to keep the joy in everyday life while navigating this weird world and all of its curve-balls.


JESSA just released a new album, Simple Songs. She says of the release, “Life isn’t simple.  We need music to transport us somewhere else that exists only in our imagination. I started writing this album just to write songs people could sing along to, but all of a sudden it became my confessional about love, loss, precious things and dreams. I’m thankful for the travels, experiences and people that inspired this music and to my family, blood and chosen. Come lose yourself in here with me for a little while.”