In response to a year marked with isolation and polarity, Jess Lamb and The Factory follow the release of
their latest studio album You Are with an empowering set of visuals from the project’s closing track, “Beautiful”.
Celebrating unity and the personal connections built and nurtured between individuals, “Beautiful” is a mantra
of human affirmation. Featuring a diverse choir of female artists as well as longtime collaborator, rapper and

activist Siri Imani, Jess’s vocals are poignant and powerful – uplifted and nourished by orchestral rhythms and
soft piano melodies.

“Created in the midst of the pandemic, the video highlights the genuine and empowered women within our
circle of creatives, family and friends” Jess explains. “It’s sprinkled with phoned in selfie videos from the
talented ladies featured in the track, encouraging everyone with the affirmation – ‘You are beautiful. You are
powerful. You can make it.’”

“If you feel alone, crank up this track and let your sisters serenade you. WE ARE the light. WE ARE stronger

Jess Lamb and The Factory are a production team / improv band formed in Over-the-Rhine (Cincinnati, Ohio).
Created by Jess Lamb and Warren Harrison, their latest works have been defined as New Age Music,
bringing a rich array of influences to recording sessions. Inspired by Gospel, Soul, R&B, Rock and Indie Pop,
the collaborative project is infused with a focus on community, spirituality, self discovery, self-love and a
genuine passion for their craft.

Receiving worldwide recognition on Season 14 of American Idol, the track’s mantra came to Jess a year after
her appearance on the show. This simple set of phrases took on a life of their own, empowering multitudes of
women throughout the city and becoming the featured anthem for the 2020 Cincinnati Women’s March.
“On this day we all chanted and marched as one body. On this day I fully realized ‘Beautiful’
wasn’t just mine…
it was a song for the people.”