Jazzy new release ‘Just Another Tuesday by Pat Girondi

Just Another Tuesday‘ is an irresistible blues track with jazzy elements. With slow, grooving piano, guitar, bass and brass, the track channels classic blues artists like Buddy Guy and Freddie King, and is a testament to pure South Chicago Rock & Soul. Produced and recorded by Farelive in Matera, Italy, ‘Just Another Tuesday‘ was written by Patrick Girondi and Enzo Matera. The track is inspired by those living with orphan diseases, which is a term used for diseases that are not profitable for governments to research and find treatments for – and as a result are left severely underfunded. As founder of Errant Gene Therapeutics, Pat Girondi incorporates his ambition to achieve worldwide awareness for these illnesses into all of his music.

Patrick Girondi, originally from the South Side of Chicago, is an Italian-American singer-songwriterauthor and founder of a gene therapy company. A true jack-of-all-trades, Patrick has released five albums and published a book, but has also led his company Errant Gene Therapeutics since 2003, with the mission of curing Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia. The five albums produced to date by Pat Girondi and the Orphan’s Dream band focus around orphan diseases. Pat himself was involved in a five-year pharmaceutical court battle, as such diseases so deeply affect both his work and personal life & have deeply influenced his music.


Pat Girondi and the Orphan’s Dream have received several honors and awards, including Best Video from the Giffone Film Festival and the Video of the Year in Italy. Girondi has been honored with International Indie Artist of the Year as voted by the Indie Music Writer’s Association and Induction into the Academia di Sicilia, Palermo, recognised for his artistic and scientific contributions to humanity. Pat Girondi and the Orphan’s Dream music has also been featured in the Golden-Globe winning Italian film ‘Focaccia Blues’, and he and the Orphan Dream Band have featured countless times on TV in both the USA and Italy. Pat has appeared twice on the Oprah Winfrey show and on the front page of the New York Times Business Section.