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Japanese Romaji Adventure out now on Steam

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Japanese Romaji Adventure, the 16-bit like top-down RPG in which you can learn Japanese, is now available on Steam.
Japanese Romaji Adventure | Official Steam Trailer
Released half a year ago, Japanese Romaji Adventure is an epic adventure set in the 1800’s that will teach you about Japanese history and the language using romaji characters i.e. English letters.
Join Harry and his crew who are among the first westerners to set foot on Japan after the prolonged period of isolation and learn over 600+ words along with some basic grammar.
  • Face enemies and make friends along the way as you battle, quest, quiz and learn your way to victory!
  • All quizzes and quests can be done an infinite amount of time to consolidate learning.
  • Language skills include: Intro, greetings, colours and numbers, prepositions, time, direction basic grammar.
  • The game has mini-quests and mini-games and additionally there is a battle component.


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