James Alphonse shares catchy single “We Can Do Better”

James Alphonse shares catchy new single We Can Do Better! James Alphonse goes straight to the point with no fluff! His latest track titled We Can Do Better is likely the anthem for the year 2020. While we are held hostage in our homes, we have to step back and look around and within us. We can find things that need to be updated and fixed yet the small things we miss on is the biggest. James Alphonse lends his voice to give us strength to let go off the things that hold us down and strive to do better. I am enjoying this song and the meaning behind it. Lets all do better!

listen here:


James Alphonse’s journey to find his sound was complicated by his hometown of Hamilton, ON’s love of gritty music. Even though he was able to bond with the punk rock community, James soon realized that he had always felt a calling to the pop/R&B scene. Although he has walked away from other genres, traces of blue-eyed soul and rock music permeate his songs.


Through heavy, dark synths, falsetto melodies and light, catchy guitar riffs, “We Can Do Better,” the newest single from James, questions the validity of breaking up with someone because they could do better. Instead, it exclaims we can do better to keep this relationship together.