SINGAPORE – June 28, 2018 – The Nintendo Switch is getting even more turtle love as DigiPen Game Studios today is releasing TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom Tuned Edition, a brand-new update to the Switch-exclusive platform puzzle game. This spe-shell enhanced edition is free for existing players.

To help offi-shell-y kick off today’s update, TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom is now on sale on the Nintendo eShop for $12.99, so new players can enjoy finan-shell benefits as they join the TurtlePop party and enjoy an all-new shell-ection of gameplay fixes and improvements that will leave players in turtle amazement.

Incorporating cru-shell feedback from the TurtlePop community, Tuned Edition‘s feature update includes a s-turtle-ing amount of enhancements, including reduced difficulty in certain stages, lowered cooldown time on all items, increased time limit for some stages and a shell of a lot more.

In TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom, players shell-ect from the adorable Bebo, Deephi, Slimmie, Smarts, Willis and Sparky the Turtle and mus-shell their way through platform puzzle-solving stages to help lead their turtle-y cute companions to freedom. Players will also utilize “The Genie,” an airborne support turtle that can manipulate the game world it-shell-f as well as slowly and steadily enhancing the abilities of the turtles.

 TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom Gameplay Features:

  • Multi-Character Control – Players can swap between different turtles in real-time to solve challenging puzzles;
  • More Than 100 Campaign Stages Across Seven Worlds – Players will explore unique environments in single-player or two-player co-op modes;
  • Local Multiplayer – Up to four players can battle it out in versus or co-op modes, including Arena Battle Crown Thief and Arena Battle Lick’em Up;
  • Collectables Galore – Players can collect Sun Coins, Moon Pearls and earn Treasure Chests to discover and level over 15 types of Building Cards and more than 40 gameplay items.

TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom is exclusive and optimized for Nintendo Switch running at native 1080p 60 when docked and native 720p 60 in Tabletop or Handheld modes.

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