Italian Renaissance at CES 2021 with VirtuItaly

ArtCentrica is a cloud application that gives teachers, students and people passionate about art the opportunity to appreciate art with unique educational features.

ArtCentrica includes a large portion of the artistic heritage of the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, at very high resolution, up to 10 GigaPixel per work of art, as well as a selection of artworks from the Brera Museum in Milan.
You can explore in intimate detail over 1150 masterpieces, from Leonardo Da Vinci, to Botticelli, from Tiziano to Caravaggio.

Renaissance Experience is an emotional edutainment show based on a collaboration with Uffizi Galleries, where 60 masterpieces are introduced by a virtual representation of Florence. A sound track specifically composed for the exhibition accompanies the details of these masterpieces, which are projected onto the surface of large format screens. These animations create a magical atmosphere for the multitude of visitors who are pleasantly overwhelmed by the beauty of the projected artwork.

You can compare and measure them, discover correlations between a detail in one artwork and other works/details, and use the over 20 lessons within the application. A consumer version is scheduled for Q32021.

In addition to participation in CES, VirtuItaly has been selected with ArtCentrica to  the global competition Reimagine Education and to the GESAwards special track by National Geographic.