Isaacjacuzzi’s album Till It’s Over is now AVAILABLE

I’m listening to the album Till It’s Over by Issacjacuzzi and I’m enamored. The well produced album showcases a blend of reggae and trap music into something unique and fun. Issacjacuzzi has brought out an album full of gems such as Never Lie, Next Life, Untamed Love and No Time. I’ve been digging those songs from his album with others that are slowly growing on me.

Listen Now:

Press Release:

Seattle-based songwriter, producer, rapper and singer Isaacjacuzzi pursues a moody and atmospheric fusion of reggae with a modern blend of trap music. Influenced by his upbringing among his West Indian family, Isaac creates a unique sound while staying true to his roots.

Isaacjacuzzi seamlessly displays his musical range on his new album Till It’s Over. It’s a testament to Jacuzzi’s new wave singer/songwriter talents and gives us a peak of what’s yet to come from the emerging artist.