Is Uniigym the fitness solution during COVID-19?

Firstly, many thanks for visiting our online guide tour on CES 2021. Uniigym’s Virtual Interactive Fitness System is spotlighted during Covid-19 and CES 2021.
Uniigym has cooperated with two leading broadband operators, the Kbro and TWN broadband, who have owned the largest subscriber group in Taiwan. Users can exercise at home at any time through their free set top box provided by the operators. Besides, Uniigym has also provided some value added service for quarantine hotel, that brings isolated people the effective and interactive exercise programs with gamification features during their isolation period. Meanwhile, we are enthusiastic about getting in touch with telecom operators and quarantine hotels overseas and bringing people our new generation of home smart fitness.
Uniigym has more than 1600+ programs on the platform and produces 50-60 programs with professional coaches monthly. Uniicube has been implemented in famous universities and sports centers in Taiwan. We have reached family users by cooperating with broadband and telecom operators through Uniihome (set top box) and Uniicell (mobile phone).
|Core technology|
1. AI motion detection and real time feedback
2. High speed algorithm for cloud computing
3. AI content and gamified effects post production
Uniigym is planning to launch mobile interactive fitness service with some famous and global telecom operators in the 2nd half of 2021, and we estimated there will be some huge impact to the online fitness app and help more people enjoy workout at anytime and anywhere.
We sincerely hope Uniigym can provide another option of home fitness solutions for people around the world during this hard time period. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you.
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