iPhone Lavalier Lapel Omnidirectional Condenser Mic Review

As someone that uses his phone for multiple things, I need to have the best mic that will record my voice in a clear and precise way. Also a mic that can hook up real quickly and then can be taken off quickly as well. I was able to review this Lapel Mic that goes works on the Iphones with the lightning connection. Here is my review:

As I ordered this item on Amazon, it was sent in quickly. P.S. Love being a Prime member!! I was able to remove the packaging and see what I was able to get. I’m loving the black holder of the mic as it makes it not only look professional but protect it from that scary dust mites out there. The lapel mic is only for one person as it only has one mic. You can find a connector somewhere on Amazon and always connect another one.

I was able to hook this baby to my iPhone XR and test it out. I never heard my phone so clear and sounding. I enjoyed having this microphone and will be easier to use for my podcasts to record. I can also go live on my Twitch account on my phone with this microphone. I am digging it!

You can get your own lapel mic now here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0817NHGYC/