Investigative Thriller “Jessika” Release Date and Demo Announced

Detectives Wanted: Investigations Into Mysterious Suicide Case Begin on
August 25, 2020

It’s time to don your detective cap!
Publisher Assemble Entertainment announced an August 25, 2020 release
date for the thrilling investigative full-motion video (FMV) game
Jessika. Launching on Steam via Windows, Steam OS, Mac, and Linux,
Jessika tasks you with cracking the case of a lifetime, uncovering the
truths behind unanswered questions. Was it a suicide, or was the titular
Jessika’s demise something far more sinister?.

Those interested in getting an early glimpse into the tragic world of
Jessika can now do so, as Assemble Entertainment has released a new
demo of the game on Steam as part of the Steam Summer Sale, which
runs until July 9th.

Additionally, Assemble today released a set of new in-game screenshots,
which give you an even closer look at the kinds of things you’ll
encounter while sifting through Jessika’s online presence — which
seems innocent enough…at first. Will you be able to read between the
lines and decipher her cryptic messages?

Watch the official _Jessika_ trailer here:

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[Download] [9]

Also, players with a particular hankering for Assemble Entertainment’s
fantastic titles will be pleased to know that the publisher also
released demos for the humorously horrific, Lovecraft universe-inspired
visual novel _The Innsmouth Case, cyberpunk point-and-click
adventure Encodya, and their post-apocalyptic survival RPG

Convinced of foul play, Jessika’s father has hired you to uncover the
truth about her untimely death. What appears to be a textbook suicide
at least, at first may prove to be your career-defining moment.
With only your laptop and an unrivaled determination for unearthing the
truth, you’ll need to dig through the victim’s extensive digital
footprint to locate clues and keywords embedded within Jessika’s
tangled online presence to piece together what really happened.

Developed by TriTrie Games and published by Assemble Entertainment,
_Jessika_ will arrive on Steam via Windows, Steam OS, Mac, and Linux on
August 25, 2020, and retail for $12.49 USD. Players can wishlist the
game by visiting the official _Jessika_ Steam store page, here: