iNuba’s cutting-edge technology attracts public attention at CES 2022

iNuba was one of the 13 Spanish companies that attended CES 2022. This year, 2,300 companies from 119 different countries have gathered at this international fair. 


CES has been held since 1967 being the scene of the most remarkable technological advances in the last decades. Inventions that have marked a before and after in society, have been presented in it, such as the CD or the first 3D printer. In this way, the fair has become the largest and most influential in the technology sector worldwide.  


The Spanish startup iNuba has taken the opportunity to present its innovative iNubaBox, taking a big step towards its consolidation as one of the most promising companies in the world in the healthtech sector. Between the 5th and the 7th of January, its 3D body scanner, -the most advanced one on the market-, was open to the public at this event. It was the first time that the company exhibited this cutting-edge technology. 

The feedback has been very positive, being included among the most interesting devices in the report of the international television Deutsche Welle. “We have noticed a genuine interest in our technology. Being at this event has been the best presentation letter for the iNubaBox and the starting signal for its distribution and commercialization”, says Pablo Honrubia, iNuba’s co-founder and co-CEO. 

iNubaBox is an autonomous measurement booth that allows users to obtain health metrics and a 3D avatar by generating a precise reconstruction of the body. This 3D body scanner uses three systems developed in-house: a three-dimensional capture system, a stand-alone thermography system, and an electrical bioimpedance system. This translates into the digitization of the body and more than 360 body metrics that are correlated with scientific health data that allow to keep track of each person’s progress and that play a decisive role in injury prevention, detection, and tracking. 

iNubaBox is interconnected with the iNuba App, where all the information collected in the scanner is stored. The app allows users to check body and health metrics, and also book premium services for both individualized nutrition and tailor-made training to achieve goals. The app’s technology makes it possible for it to adapt to each user and also monitor in real time, connecting devices or complementary apps, recalculating in real time what you should eat or modifying the planned training. 


CES has been just the beginning of a tour that continues through the first quarter of 2022. The Spanish company will be taking its iNubaBox to other prestigious tech shows in the upcoming months. “We come back full of energy, with new contacts, many ideas and eager to continue developing the best technology to improve, control and detect your health”, says Honrubia