Interview with SUBFIRE

Today, we sat down with George from the band Subfire to talk his start in music, fun stories and much more! Be sure to listen to their music below after the interview!


How did you get your start in music?

George: In my junior years I discovered rock and metal music from my father, I was curious and since the moment I heard this stuff, that changed my musical perception into something extraordinary. It was the beginning of my musical journey. In addition, there were a few bands at that time that played in my hometown and that was my turning point to begin playing the guitar in order to start performing live shows. Furthermore I created my own songs and that was the moment I realized that I needed a band. After a few efforts I met Sani and that was it. It was an immediate fit and after a few experiments we ended up creating our musical style.

What type of music did you listen to while growing up?

George: Our main Influences are really very classic! Iced earth, Judas Priest, Helloween, Blind Guardian etc. But also I am personally attached by the Japanese style (Galneryus, X Japan)!

What are fun stories you can share while you’re in the studio recording music?

George: We have plenty of them in style of inside jokes! The most memorable is when we where trying with Bob to re write a part of a song of ours. As we were playing serious heavy metal, we gradually began to relax. Before we know it we were playing electronic music somehow. Music have no boundaries, what can I say?! The result was hilarious!

What is your latest song or album you can share with us?

George: You can find “Fate Of A Sinister World” taken from our upcoming album “Define The Sinner” at and of course the Official Video Clip at

Where can our fans find you on social media for any music updates?

George: You can follow Subfire on:





And soon to our new official website!