Interview With Rockit Gaming

We were able to get some answers to the questions we had in mind from our friends at Rockit Gaming. Rockit Gaming is from Austin, TX and burst into the gaming and music scene with their impressive musical array of video game songs. They challenged the video game music scene and changed how music and gaming go together! They recently directed and did the musical number of Tiny Build’s E3 video. Here is the interview of knowing more about Russell and Vince of Rockit Gaming:

1. What got them into wanting to make music?

We’ve both been in 9-5 positions before, and let me just say-
we’re too damn creative to be working in that environment! We need
to share our passion and talent with the rest of the world, and
we’re lucky enough to be in a time where we can do that!

2. Any influences that helps motivate their style of music?

Anything and everything that’s trending. We listen to everything
from top 40, to alternative, to hip-hop, back to our pop-punk days and
90’s music! The most important component to any Rockit Gaming song,
is a catchy chorus!

3. What was their first game they enjoyed to become gamers?

Rockit was brought up on horror games, so Resident Evil and Silent
Hill were what got him into gaming. Halo later became a staple in his
gaming career, so much so that he was on the verge of trying to become
a pro gamer. The first game Vinny really loved is a tie between
Turtles in Time and Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo!

4. Is there games out there they want to make music to?

E3 2018 just finished, and we have about a hundred games that we want
to write music about! The rest of our year is already booked out!

5. What was a big moment for them that shows they have made it in
the music industry?

Being asked to perform at the half time awards show at SXSW 2017 was a
huge success for us as musicians. Our daily success on YouTube and
Spotify show that we have what it takes to be taken seriously as real
musicians, and we hope we can bring our niche genre of Nerdcore to the

6. Is there any games from E3 that they are excited for?

Almost everything shown this year is on our favorites list! If I were
to pick a few that we’re especially excited for it would be Halo:
Infinite, The Last of Us 2, Doom: Eternal, Death Stranding, and
Kingdom Hearts 3!

7. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

I don’t like Ice Cream, but Vinny Noose’s would have to be Rocky

8 A goal that they want to have for Rockit Gaming as a whole?

Our goal is to bring the genre of video game music, Nerdcore, to the
mainstream and be seen as real musicians to the gaming industry. We
know it is possible, and we have an immense passion for the music we
create. We know it will take time, but we are finally breaking the

9. Will they continue making shows like they have for the couch

We just started season 2 last week, and have new live episodes every
Wednesday at 8pmCST. We are now showing them on Twitch, as the
experience is much better for the viewer! You can follow us here:


Thank you again Russell and Vince for the interview and check them out on TWITCH, FACEBOOK, SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE! You guys are awesome to hang with you and thank you for taking care of us at PAX South 2018 weekend.