Interview With Retrotainment Games

Hey Gaming fans, we got a treat for ya’ll! We were able to do an interview with Tim from Retrotainment Games! Here is the exclusive interview:
How did you like PAX East 2019?
Excellent. PAX is always a blockbuster event for us.
Tell me more about your game?
We create brand new NES games from the ground up and release them on actual physical cartridge. We also release our games digitally on places like Steam and now the Xbox One as well in over 40 countries. Our games are #8BitLegit
How was the idea for the game created?
We are huge fans of the 80s, the Halloween holiday and of course the NES. We took both of our loves and made them into a kick-ass beat ’em up NES game that takes place on Halloween Night in 1986. So rad.
Which systems will the game be on?
It is out on NES cartridge, Famicom cartridge (Japanese), Steam and Xbox One
Where can my fans find you on social media?
TWITTER: @retrotainmentHQ
INSTAGRAM: retrotainmentgames