Interview with Alien Feelings

This next band is pretty loud and aggressive! Right up our style! We were able to sit down with the band Alien Feelings and talk music, inspiration, and more.

Here is the interview:

What is your inspiration to write your music? Is it your surroundings?
The inspiration for our music differs, simply because you never really know where
inspiration is going to come from. We just catch it whenever and however possible.
What type of music did you listen to growing up?
I listened to a lot of different music growing up from Indie, rock, jazz, Irish, punk and rock
and roll. I come from a loud, music loving family, so music was always around when I
was growing up.
Is there someone you looked up as a hero?
The Beatles are my heroes, I love how their music touched upon so many different
genres, they never put themselves in a box and we’re always taking risks. I think that’s
partially what made them so successful
If you weren’t a musician, would you be doing today?
I would probably be the assistant manager of the Spar I was working in for quite a few
years. I ultimately left, to make music my prime ambition.
What advice do you have for our fans out there that want to create music?
Just do it. Forget about those that say you can’t do it. Because what they really mean is,
they can’t do it and they don’t want you to either! Write as much as you possibly want,
it’s a blank canvas for your taking. Even if it’s the worst piece of shit in the world, it will
be yours and no one can take that creativity from you.

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