Interview with Actor & Entrepreneur Joe Towne

Today, I was able to sit down and have a conversation with actor and entrepreneur Joe Towne. We talked at great lengths of his start in acting, his podcast The Better Podcast and much more. He has provided a great deal of knowledge on creating a healthy way of success through his various projects.

Be sure to check out his podcast below to learn more about being successful and using unique techniques.

Here is the interview:

How did you get into the world of acting?

I studied in high school, struggling as teenager with confidence; I had a minor interest in trying out for a play. A teacher in English class invited me to a Shakespeare play and I was able to participate. Then I went to acting camp for a summer and then to college for it afterwards. I felt good that the teacher helped me transform himself into the person I am today.

What led you to start the podcast The Better Podcast?

My teacher’s helpful spirit has me inspire the podcast and the training centers with more noticeable help on mental and physical health. See how far you can go on things, better yourself and better at things. My inspired mentors include coach Pete Carroll who was doing things better than before. Kobe Bryant who preached get better over time and what happens you do it consistent. I love their connection and rapport with players who are seen valued and loved is the balance and support to grow upon.

Who are some guests that you would love to have on the Better Podcast?

Oh gosh, I’m dreaming big. Marshawn Lynch is my all time favorite player. Raw authenticity and playful humor is all what makes Marshawn Lynch.  He takes care of those around him and the prowess he does on the field is fantastic. Steve Kerr and Steff Curry is a duo where I admire their relationship. I would love to talk to Steve Kerr on his coaching and what he has learned from Coach Pop from the Spurs.

What is one piece of advice that you like to share as a component for success?

The theme of the podcast is a relentless pursuit of growing and success. I’m willing to make mistakes and fail, and welcome it because making mistakes isn’t the end of the world. I will grow and learn of a way to a path of success. Pure magic and Approach things differently!

Where can our fans find you on social media to stay in touch with you and what you’re doing?

@mejoetowne on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM, THE PERFORMERS MINDSET WEBSITE and THE BETTER PODCAST will be right there. I would love people to ask questions and reach out to me on social media as well.