Insulated Lunch Bag for Women & Men Amazon Review

Lunch is essential for anyone that goes through a grueling day of work. Your lunch break is a way to unwind from early in the day and get something good to eat. I know most lunch boxes are small and provide very little relief for a person. Lunch boxes should not only carry lunch but have space for occasional snacks that would be enjoyed throughout the day. Today we are able to try out this Insulated Lunch Bag for Women and Men Amazon and see if it handles the test of being good enough for a big boy just like myself.



  • More Storage Space
    • The size of this lunch bag is pretty massive! The lunch bag is 11.8L X 7.8W X 11.8H where the storage capacity is great. I had enough space to put in my Tupperware meal of spaghetti, 2 large pieces of garlic bread, diet soda, and of course a couple of cupcakes. On top of that, was able to hold my energy bars as well for snack. This provided sufficient amount of space for my food throughout the day.
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap
    • The lunch bag came with a detachable shoulder strap where it will help with carrying it. There are times I’m carrying multiple items and would hate to make trips back to my vehicle in order to get everything in. This shoulder strap gives me an additional arm free to carry something else so I wouldn’t be burdened with that additional trip.
  • Thermal Insulation
    • I never really had a use for insulation in my bag until now. This will keep my food safe so I wouldn’t need a refrigerator to house it. The thermal insulation controls the temperature in my bag and keeps it very constant. There isn’t no drops or increases in temperature as it is very constant.


  • None

Rating: 10 out 10

All in all, this lunch bag is something that is very essential to my daily food intake. This has sufficient space, detachable shoulder strap and thermal insulation. They are very important as they make sure our food is healthy, we get the right amount of food and and we don’t lose it basically. I enjoyed doing this review and can’t wait to do more!

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