Instant Karma Film Review

Instant Karma is a film by Mitesh Patel About a down on his luck guy named Jeff (Stew Jetson) who has hit a string of very bad luck. He lost his new job and take up being a rideshare driver till his car dies on his first rideshare.

Feeling like it was the end of the world he tells his girlfriend that it’s over he thinking the worst. She has some news that will set in motion something huge. An act of kindness from a homeless man starts a string of good luck for Jeff but is unlike anything he ever imagined.

Trying to make sense of what is happening Jeff and his girlfriend try to make sense of this newfound luck or karma. A with anything good they try to exploit it but it doesn’t go as planned and are left in a very dire spot.

Overall this film was a good look at doing good to others brings one good back (karma) but shows how greed sets in fast. Jeff paid it forward and did good but show how humans mess things up when we take something pure and twisted for our own gain. I give this film a 7 out of 10 a good story and moral tale in my book. Great acting in the film you really start to feel for Jeff thought out the film at his low and his high point. One can see he doesn’t want to be greedy but his other half wants to milk it for everything.