Insight Comics at NYCC 2019

SAN RAFAEL, CA., Sept. 27, 2019 — October 3rd – 6th, Insight Comics – and Insight Comics Executive Editor, Mark Irwin – hit The Big Apple for New York Comic Con 2019! Join us at the Insight Editions booth #1946 for new releases, signings and more!

New to the world of Insight Comics? We publish original, stimulating content that you’ll want to keep reading again and again, including our latest release by New York Times Best-selling Author Micky Neilson (Ashbringer, Pearl of Pandaria) and Emmy award-nominee for The Mountain Runners, Todd Warger, The Invisible Empire: Madge Oberholtzer and the Unmasking of the Ku Klux Klan, with illustrations by Marc Borstel (Weapon X, World of Warcraft), and a foreword by Columbia University comics scholar emeritus, Karen Green.

If you’re into middle-grade/YA books, we have the latest volume of Monster Allergy, Monster Allergy, Vol. 2: The Suspended City by Katja Centomo and Francesco Artibani with illustrations by Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa in stock!

Additionally, we will have the deluxe omnibus edition of Gypsy by Thierry Smolderen and Enrico Marini! Set in the not-too-distant future, the world of Gypsy has it all: planetary highways, the coronation of a young Russian Tsar, the resurrection of a Mongol army on the trail of Gengis Khan, an all-powerful multinational corporation that controls all earthly transport — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! In the middle of all this, we have a Gypsy truck driver who, fortunately, knows how to look after himself. A must-have for any comics reader!
From Mongolia to the moon, Insight Comics brings you Buyan: The Isle of the Dead by Martin Etxeberria, Xabier Etxeberria, and Aritz Trueba (November 2019), and BOWIE: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams by Michael Allred, Laura Allred, and Steve Horton (January 2020) — both are sure to be a hit!
Buyan: The Isle of the Dead
(W) Martin Etxeberria, Xabier Etxeberria, (A) Aritz Trueba
November 5, 2019

Set in the midst of the Mongolian invasion of medieval Russia, Buyan tells a powerful story of love and loss as one man embarks on a dangerous quest, fighting his way through soldiers, spirits, and even ancient gods in a desperate attempt to be reunited with his wife.

The grandson of Genghis Khan, Batu, and his Golden Horde have just begun a ruthless march across Siberia. Batu intends to spread his Mongolian empire all the way to Europe and to conquer the great city of Novgorod. Meanwhile, the Teutonic Knights of Europe spread the Crusades eastward, burning cities one by one in their unstoppable advance. But in the midst of all this fighting, a small village in Nenetsia is attacked, and a simple hunter named Maansi tragically loses the love of his life.

Determined to be reunited with his wife, Maansi travels toward the sea in search of the mythical island of the dead—Buyan. But the path to Buyan is fraught with not only bloodthirsty warriors and religious zealots, but also ancient spirits who have been angered by the war as well as the unforgiving gods of old. Still, desperate to see his wife’s face again, Maansi will not let anything stand in the way of his quest to find Buyan.

BOWIE: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams
(W) Michael Allred, Laura Allred (A) Steve Horton
January 7, 2020
Inspired by the one and only superhero, extraterrestrial, and rock and roll deity in history, BOWIE: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams is the original graphic memoir of the great Ziggy Stardust!

In life, David Bowie was one of the most magnetic icons of modern pop culture, seducing generations of fans with both his music and his counterculture persona. In death, the cult of Bowie has only intensified. As a musician alone, Bowie’s legacy is remarkable, but his place in the popular imagination is due to so much more than his music. As a visual performer, he defied classification with his psychedelic aesthetics, his larger-than-life image, and his way of hovering on the border of the surreal.

BOWIE: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams chronicles the rise of Bowie’s career from obscurity to fame; and paralleled by the rise and fall of his alter ego as well as the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust. As the Spiders from Mars slowly implode, Bowie wrestles with his Ziggy persona. The outcome of this internal conflict will change not only David Bowie, but also, the world.