Inmate #1 The Rise of Danny Trejo is the life story of actor Danny Trejo one of Hollywood’s hardest-working actors. Danny has been in over 400 films according to Danny’s life is a true story of changing one’s life after hitting rock bottom. Inmate #1 takes a deep dive into the life that made Danny Trejo the film living legend he is today. First-hand stories from Danny his friends and family. Tell a story that will leave you thinking how did he survive a life of drugs and crime at a very young age. Leading to time in prison and how his boxing training his influential uncle gave him would help him survive. All leading to his life-changing decision to stay clean and help others. When a call to come down to a movie set leads him to the start of a movie career that would put him in front of millions of moviegoers. The evolutions of his roles for the inmate to the bad guy to leading man is incredible. We hear stories from Robert Rodriguez on casting Danny in Desperado to putting Danny in a kid’s film in Spy Kids.  Changing Danny’s fan base to now include children.

Overall an amazing documentary Danny story is incredible so many movies can be made for it. As a fan of Danny Trejo, I learn so much about his life and his powerful story. Danny is not only an actor but a mentor and we see him helping others. From his speaking to inmates to troubled youth giving back to his home town of Pacoima and so much more. Be sure to watch Inmate #1 out on Digital July 7th