Infinite Lagrange Smashes Past 900,000 Global Pre-registrations

NetEase Games announced today that Infinite Lagrange, its faction building space exploration game, has exceeded more than 900,000 pre-registrations across all available platforms.

Bringing players into an immersive universe that blends real-time multiplayer experiences with spectacular strategy mechanics, Infinite Lagrange allows players to choose their own path through space with its innovative system, realistic galactic battlefield, and Industrial style.

The game uses an innovative movement system that dispenses with traditional grid-based control players might typically expect from the genre. Instead, it innovates by utilizing a Plan Area that grants players far greater freedom to move, determine routes and strategize against allies and enemies.

Featuring stunning cinematic 3D graphics and breath-taking art, explorers are free to view the finer details of battle from any angle to maximize viewpoints around their fleets and to assess ship damage, tactical formations, and ship positioning.

For players who love customization, Infinite Lagrange also offers vast fleet designs through its unique blueprint system. Players have the opportunity to design and fine-tune the delicate industrial styling of each ship. Explorers are able to switch between multiple perspectives within the blueprint UI to truly get to grips with ship guidance and power systems that are all capable of being modded or enhanced.

Infinite Lagrange is free to play and is available now on PC, Android, and iOS mobile devices in EU and NA regions with cross-platform play. Players in all other regions can pre-register now on the official site here.

A full list of features includes:

  • Expand the Territory From 0 to Infinity: with full angles available, players can expand their base and power, construct in the universe and ample construction details. Search the void to find precious minerals to mine from space to fund your array of warships.
  • Countless Possibilities of Ships: there are various ship types available with realistic settings, players are able to enhance and modify the ships in detail, unlock technology trees
  • Stunning Graphics of the Great Universe: 360-degree space sceneries, players can enjoy immersive space battle with strategic battlefield close-up
  • Massive Battles in Space: players can rally with allies to create a magnificent fleet and take down cities.
  • Venture into the Unknown Space: players can send their fleet to the dark frontiers and encounter unexpected challenges and rewards. Seek out treasure, map historical ruins and discover new planets.
  • Interact with Interstellar Forces: players can either support or fight against existed interstellar forces, unveiling their interests and relations
  • Seasonal Strategy Goals: exploring new galaxies with new goals and wars each season, all players in the server share the same series of strategic goals, where rewards are for everyone once completed
  • Treasure Hunting: Search for treasures in the universe, find historical ruins, explore bright planets with rich mineral resources.

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