Indie-Pop Artist Hazel Bloom Returns with Colourful New Single ‘Still Young’



Bursting back onto the scene in 2020 with an exquisitely addictive new single that expertly combines his bold lyricism, colourful sound and stunning vocals, R&B/Pop sensation Hazel Bloom returns with ‘Still Young’, August 14th.


The stylistically unique indie pop artist Hazel Bloom is composed of one main singer/songwriter named Dave Carlin. The main inspiration underlying Hazel Bloom is to create an infectious sound that induces a feeling of all emotions accompanied by heartfelt lyrical composition and melodies. Hazel Bloom encompasses bright and lively pop melodies mixed with a unique, hard-hitting R&B style to create a uniform sound that will resonate with you. Though being well versed in the music scene, Hazel Bloom is the first artistry that Dave has felt completely alive and at home with. Hazel Bloom plans to leave his footprint in the music industry and has no intentions of letting anything get in the way of that.

A fresh take on pop music, Boston-based indie artist Hazel Bloom explores elements of indie, pop and electronica. The track is a clear exploration of electro pop, but the crisp production allows Hazel Bloom to turn his experimentation into an unforgettable story of youth, optimism, and bliss.

When asked about the track, Hazel Bloom explained: The meaning behind the lyrics is from the first time I visited NYC. It is also partly inspired by the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Visiting NYC for the first time was an incredible thing. Being able to explore the city and experience the night life was like nothing I had experienced. The mindset I had for this song was to create a vision of never losing your youth. Take chances, take risks, you never know what those risks could lead you to. Those risks could bring you to the love of your life, a lifelong friend, unforgettable times or just a great night. So, I believe that is what mostly inspired this song. The beautiful city life and experience of NYC mixed with taking risks and never losing your youth.


Join Hazel Bloom in 2020 as he continues to surge throughout the industry and make music the memorable experience it’s truly meant to be. With ‘Still Young’ set to drop August 14th on all streaming platforms, he’s certainly one to watch out for.