Indie-Folk Artist Brian Kirk’s “Making Some Room” is Easy Listening for Difficult Times: New Single Out 5/13

Through his first two singles, Brooklyn-based Indie-Folk Songwriter Brian Kirk has given a preview into his debut album, Witness To (out 6/17) that might lead listeners to believe the project would be a solemn, haunting rumination on his father’s passing from start to finish.  However, his most recent release, “Making Some Room” departs from this spooky, psychedelic walk through the woods, and sheds a brighter, simpler light on the path toward healing.


“There were plenty of opportunities to mourn and lament the tragedy,” Kirk remembers about his father’s death during the height of the pandemic.  “But there are only so many intrusive thoughts and tears to cry before you realize that the sun will rise again tomorrow, and you have to keep moving in whatever capacity you’re able to.”


At just under 2 minutes long, the track is a pearl of folk-pop wisdom amidst the otherwise darker tone most of the album takes on. But for Brian Kirk, it’s an accurate representation of how these moments operate.


“It’s like pop music-  straight to the point, catchy, and kind of obvious.  But those are the qualities of all great proverbs; they’re short, quietly poetic, and simple.”


However brief these moments of clarity may be, “Making Some Room” is a pleasant reminder that these are the most valuable sentiments to hold onto.  And for the many people that have faced tragedy in one form or another over the past few years- it’s a welcomed one.

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