MONTREAL – MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2021 – New indie game development studio Broken Spear announced its first title, Beneath Oresa, this past weekend with the announcement trailer during The MIX Next indie showcase. Beneath Oresa is a 3D card-based fighting roguelike game slated for release on Steam in the first half of 2022.
Leveraging its 3D nature, Beneath Oresa combines RPG deck-building and “spatial’ fighting – the combat is influenced by the proximity between characters, with Mobius or European cartoon-inspired visuals for a modern experience. The Broken Spear team built upon some of their favorite features from other popular card-based roguelike games, adding complexity to the gameplay and elevating the aesthetics.
“The deckbuilding roguelike genre has seen significant success for titles like Slay the Spire, which has sold several million units. But, perhaps due to its roots in traditional card and board games, we haven’t seen the category advance as quickly as many others,” said Renaud Bartens, co-founder and creative director of Broken Spear. “We love these games but saw an opportunity to evolve both technically and visually in the hopes of introducing a broader audience to one of our favorite genres.”
“We also wanted to focus our card upgrade system on a forked path of tough choices by implementing what’s known as a Cornelian dilemma,” continued Bartens. “The player must make a choice between several options, each with a meaningful impact on the game; a tactical hook that engages you more deeply.”
Key Features:
  • Fully 3D with a spatial combat system
  • Mobius-inspired art style
  • Multiple Factions or card pools, each with 3 uniquely powered heroes.
  • Companion System – choose a second hero and their skill set to accompany you
  • Forked “Cornelian dilemma” card upgrade system
  • Fully generated runs, allowing for longer game sessions (30;45 min) and greater replayability
Beneath Oresa is slated to release on PC in 2022 with the possibility of other platforms to follow. The game can be added to wish lists now on Steam. For more information or to sign up for development updates, please visit
About Broken Spear, Inc.
Broken Spear is a Montreal-based independent game development studio comprised of veteran talent focused on evolving and building upon popular genres to create modern gameplay experiences. Founded in 2019, the studio is currently working on its inaugural title, Beneath Oresa, a 3D deck-building rogue-like game slated for release in 2022.