Rhett Repko kickstarts the competition for song of the summer of 2021 with his new single, “Late Nights” – an infectious evocation of the season’s romantic nights. With upfront acoustic guitars and loud natural drums, the track showcases the Annapolis, MD-based indie artist’s uncanny knack for cutting to the heart. Repko recorded the song with his band in Nashville, working with producer Zodlounge (Twenty One Pilots, Ross Ellis). Listen to “Late Nights” HERE.

“‘Late Nights’ is a temporary pause from my typical sad songs,” explains Rhett Repko. “It’s about spending nights with your best friend that you’re either falling in love with or already in love with. It has an innocent quality to it, where you’re just being real and living in the moment with that person.”

Repko and a new love take to the streets of historic Frederick, Maryland – “The City of Clustered Spires” – in the exuberant official video for “Late Nights,” which also features performance footage. View the clip, which was directed by Iron Elephant Studios, HERE.

In a few short years, Repko has built an imposing body of original music without the support of a record deal, earning a reputation as both a singularly compelling performer and a songwriter of rare insight and emotional resonance. Vice, MTV, Netflix, Discovery, OWN and USA are just a few of the networks that have licensed his songs.


Repko has scored five Top 100 college radio hits, earned support from over 200 College, Community and AAA stations and appeared on the influential FMQB charts with such singles as “Don’t You Know?,” “A Broken Song” and “I Don’t Wanna Talk to You.” “I Don’t Wanna Talk to You” was the #1 Most Added single on the Northern American College and Community (NACC) chart and “Can Someone Help Me Now?,” “Thnx for the Ride” and “Songs of the Night” also achieved prominent placements on the tally.

Skope Magazine declared, “Repko is a true genius when it comes to songwriting.” Dancing About Architecture said, One of the great things about Rhett Repko is his ability to tick so many musical boxes.” The Band Camp Diaries observed“The artist’s energy has a rock swagger to it, like a young Bob Dylan going electric and shocking the Newport Festival audience for the very first time.”

“Music has the ability to deliver raw, unfiltered emotions from one person to another,” says Repko, “Records today tend to be produced to perfection, but those aren’t the ones we love, and they’re not the kind of records that I want to make.”