In REZPLZ at PAX South, Long Neck Games Shows Dying in Video Games Can Be a Good Thing

Two Brothers are making a game where death is just part of the adventure, and you can play the demo right now or at PAX South.

San Antonio –Jan 18-20th —  Indie devs Long Neck Games will be demoing their award-winning first game REZPLZ, at PAX South, booth 10211. Releasing this summer on PC and Xbox One, REZPLZ is a fantasy puzzle platformer featuring unique single player or local two player Co-op game play. In a time where all good wizards have been captured or killed by an evil prince, it’s up to two apprentice wizard brothers, Arcan and Zeph to save the world. There’s only one catch, the only spell they have is the ability to resurrect each other. Combining classic platforming and coordinated teamwork-based puzzle solving, REZPLZ is an underdog adventure about making the most of a bad situation. 

Long Neck Games, a two brother team that has been working on the game in their spare time for the last few years, recently quit their day jobs to go forward full time and finish their passion project this summer.

“As brothers growing up in the NES and SNES era, this game is our personal love letter to the games we grew up on (Mega Man, Super Mario, Earthworm Jim). It’s a pixel art homage with some modern visual and technical updates, but also, a game where you don’t have to pass the controller to your brother when you die.” Said Josh Pearce, Co-Founder and Art Director of Long Neck Games.

Death is such a big part of REZPLZ that their first teaser trailer pretty much exclusively showcases that:

The final game will feature five kingdoms and over 30 levels, players will need to use all their creative problem solving skills to conquer each kingdom, ulitmately unlocking access to a new magic spell. Unfortunately, as not-so-gifted wizards, the spells can have some unexpected results.

If you can’t make it to San Antonio (or can’t wait to check it out),  you can download their PC expo demo on their site right now:

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