Imagine Earth Review

If you’re like me and loved playing Simcity on the Super Nintendo backing the 90’s well Imagine Earth is an economic strategy game, where you’ll be able to raise a global civilization from the ground or drive entire planets into climate collapse. Imagine Earth is a relaxed build-up simulation that can turn into an ecologic survival thriller based on your development decisions.




  • When it comes to energy and resource management, the gameplay mechanics are very intuitive but easy to use without making the game overly complicated.
  • Imagine Earth cleverly injects a dose of reality into its core gameplay. Without making the game’s story overly depressing, the game leans into the complexities of overpopulation, capitalism, and global warming and lets you experience these problems as quandaries that require you to think outside of the box to solve.
  • The visuals in this game are breathtaking and gorgeous that really help with getting you immersed in the game.




  • While the tutorial is a great way to grasp the basics of the game, I did find it unclear in some places and overly descriptive in others. So, all in all, it could use a bit of an improvement.
  • The interface can also be a bit confusing as well, but if you’re familiar with other strategy titles, you’ll be able to grasp the essentials quickly.


Rating: 8.5 of 10.0




Imagine Earth is a great strategy title with a meaningful underlying message. With original mechanics regarding natural resources, the health of your planet, and overpopulation, the game offers an immersive and thought-provoking experience that will satisfy both veterans of the strategy game genre and new players alike. Its beautiful visuals and story will be a great fit for anyone who enjoys city builders and strategy titles and is keen to try out something new.

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