April 22, 2021 — (Cancún, MX) — ILLENIUM announced his first ever destination event taking place on December 3, 4 & 5, 2021. Ember Shores is a three-day destination experience at the all-inclusive Four Diamond Paradisus Resort in Cancún, Mexico.
The festival will feature three unique sets from ILLENIUM, multiple stages (including a mainstage directly on the beach), and a curated lineup catered specifically to Illenials. Attendees can enjoy a full weekend of music from artists in various locations around the resort, and have the opportunity to explore Cancún with offsite excursion options available. 
Packages start at $815 USD per person and include three nights’ stay at the resort, all inclusive food and drink (including alcohol), transportation to and from the resort, and access to every show throughout the weekend. This is an 18+ up event. Tickets are on sale now.
More information, FAQs and tickets can be found at Capacity is extremely limited.
“I’ve always wanted to create an event where Illenials from all over the world can gather as a community and be immersed in an environment with their favorite artists together. My goal with Ember Shores is to put together an amazing festival experience and offer it as a place for people to connect with each other and themselves through music.” – Nick Miller, ILLENIUM
The event is part of a new series of destination events called FestiCation presented by Disco Donnie Presents, CrowdFun and Feyline. 
The health and safety of attendees is our top priority. As a result of rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the global pandemic, we will be updating you on our health and safety procedures closer to the event. Rest assured, the event will comply with all applicable COVID-19 regulations.
About Disco Donnie Presents:
Disco Donnie Presents (DDP) is an award-winning and recognized leader in electronic dance music event production, founded by veteran promoter James “Disco” Donnie Estopinal. Since the company’s inception in 1994, DDP has generated over 10 million tickets sold and 10,000 live events, arena shows and outdoor festivals in over 100 markets around the world, including the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Latin America. DDP organizes and promotes nearly 1000 club events annually in markets all across the U.S., ranging from Portland, Philadelphia, Houston, Tampa, New Orleans, Dallas and St Louis to name only a few. Major festivals include Ultimate Music Experience, Sunset Music Festival, Sun City Music Festival, and more.
James “Disco Donnie” Estopinal, Jr. is DDP’s founder and CEO. Considered one of the godfathers of U.S. electronic dance music, Disco Donnie has grown over the past 24 years to become one of the leading dance music promoters in the world. From his early days in the 1990s New Orleans dance scene, Disco Donnie coupled eccentricity with ingenuity to create elaborately themed parties that charmed patrons, garnered an international following, and unwittingly became a catalyst for a national debate over the First Amendment right to expression.
In 2017, Disco became part of LIVESTYLE Entertainment. The current LIVESTYLE portfolio includes Disco Donnie Presents, React, Life in Color, ID&T (Tomorrowland, Sensation, TomorrowWorld),, Electric Zoo, Awakenings, Q-Dance, and more. 
In April 2020, the electronic music festival pioneer announced that he has re-acquired sole ownership of Disco Donnie Presents (DDP), the namesake company he founded 26 years ago.  This historic acquisition concludes an epic eight-year journey through being the first company acquired by SFX, surviving SFX’s subsequent bankruptcy, becoming a part of LiveStyle, and delivering fan refunds in the face of COVID-19 festival cancellations.  In the wake of scores of corporate acquisitions by Live Nation, AEG and SFX, Disco Donnie is the only founder wily enough to both sell his company and buy it back to return to independence.
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About Feyline 
Since its establishment in 1967, Feyline has been synonymous with live music in North America. Through legendary promoter Barry Fey, Feyline helped usher in a golden era of touring and rock & roll including for some of the most memorable events in music history including the 1983 US Festival, U2’s Under A Blood Red Sky, and the first United States appearance of Led Zeppelin. Having reemerged in 2012, Feyline continues to create memorable moments, always keeping in mind the most important aspect – The Fans.
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