IGA 2021 Finalist Is Revealed!


HEADLINE! IGA 2021 Finalist Is Revealed!

This year, Indie Game Award reaches its peak with 36 countries bringing along 144 games to the competition. 30 games has made it to the final stage of the award and developers from 17 countries are now running for the ultimate prize in the most high-profile competition in Asia Pacific Region. The winning titles will be announced soon before Taipei Game Show 2021.

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According to Niko Partners, a data analytics frim of Asian games, the mobile gaming market in Asia is estimated to have over 1.2bn gamers, accounting over half of the mobile population in the world. Among Asian countries, Southeast Asia owns the most engaged mobile internet users, surpassing console and PC on both revenue and downloads. Also, due to the popularity of Esports in the region, it pushes Esports mobile games continuing to grow faster.


Pai Pai, one of the little creatures that calls himself a true hardcore player, enjoys playing fighting games the most. He seeks competition as his main motivation, and set his side on the way to become a professional player one day. Although Pai Pai seems a bit aggressive when he loses a game, he can always quickly adjust himself and be ready for another fighting battle.

TGS Little Creature Pai Pai

Food Tour in Taiwan Tangyuan

While winter is just around the corner, it’s time to bring out Tangyan, a must-have dessert during the chilly weather. Tangyuan, made of glutinous rice, is usually consumed with sweet fillings such as sesame paste or crushed peanuts and enjoyed with sweet ginger soup. The roundness of Tanyang also symbolizes unity and family togetherness, which is the time to share blessings with people you love.

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