Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

When you first start Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, it starts of rather quickly and explains the game as it immediatley starts! The story follows the hero Bruenor as he progresses through Waterdeep chasing after some gnolls that attacked him and follows him throughout his adventure.

As you kill enemies you can pick up gold which is used to either level up Bruenor or unlock other characters that you can have aid in combat. The combat system is in real time and you can arrange your heroes in a diamond formation with 9 available spots. Now they do have upgrades and depending on how you have them arranged will determine how well the work with each other and how much a bonus they provide. The heroes will attack enemies automatically as the they advance however you are able to do some damage by clicking which can help aid in combat by stunning the enemy for a brief second however unless you upgrade it consistantly it does a very miniscule amount. At specific levels your heroes will receive upgrades which depending on theyre position in combat will recieve huge bonuses and if you are familiar with the Dungeons and Dragons leveling system you may recognize some of the attacks. As you level up your characters will also recieve an ultimate attack which you must manually select.

Now the game is by no means easy, the levels consist mainly of collect this many items/kill this many enemies however the enemies get rather powerful rather quickly and you will die if you do not pay attention to the abilitys and are leveling up the heroes properly. But when you do die, the game sets you back at the beggining of the last level and lets you fight and level up again before you take on where you died. Now the next thing about this game is you can leave it idle for a little bit and after you come back you will have gotten enough gold to level up and defeat the next area. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm deserves the name idle as it makes use of this unusual mechanic for games. They do however reward players who are paying attention to what is going on, they have interactables on the map that will reward players with a substantial amount of extra gold to level up if the notice it. I personally noticed the birds flying through the stage and as was able to notice the fasters ones they provided a substantial amount of gold over the others.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms also comes with an auto progress mode which allows the heroes to proceed automatically after meating the specific objective. However this will turn off if they are defeated. I particularly like this about the game, it doesnt feel like the usual grind. I left the game on for 30 minutes and came back and I had aquired enough gold to not only level up my heroes but I was also able to unlock the next companion! This leveling system is nothing new of course, however combined with the fact that you level up and buy companions for gold allows the grind for levels and characters too not be so bad. However the game does offer purchases for real money and does seem to promote that and make it rather necessary to unlock extra gear or aquire enough gold to unlock the more expensive heroes.

Now as you defeat bosses and progress throughout the levels you will receieve chests, which will contain loot it ranges from gold, to level up your characters during your current adventure, to weapons that can increase theyre damage, which thankfully stay permanently, or gems which you can use to buy chests, which cost 50 gems a piece in the shop. You can equip gear by clicking on your heroes protrait and it will automatically equip. Now the leveling system follows the system that Dungeons and Dragons uses and at specfic levels you are able to pick a specialization for your heroes which will boost they’re abilities or damage in specific ways. However if you chose your specialization and dont like it, you can change it by starting a new adventure.

As you progress throughout the main adventure and beat the campaign you will be allowed to restart with a challenge added and a little bit of variance and extra levels provided to the adventure, you will gain more gold for your characters from enemies as you progress making it easier to unlock upgrades however yes your levels are reset. While replaying the adventure, you are also given Firemints which are used to unlock other adventures to play. The game also has a unique spin on achievements earned by providing a permanent buff to your characters. However regrettably if you want to use some of the later champions you either need to to leave the game idle for some time, or have enough gold from chests to unlock them, some of the later heroes, just to unlock, range from 50 million to 2.5 billion gold.

All in all the game is extremely fun and enjoyable and if you are able to leave the game on and idle you unlock a whole other slew of playable options! This game deserves the name ‘Idle’ as it truly does make use of this in the most positive way. I personally cant wait to jump back on and see what else the world of Dungeons and Dragons has to offer!

Review was done by Dragon