The Competition is Fierce, The Battleground is Primed, And It’s Time to Become an Icon!

“My co-founder Jason Rice and I grew up in the competitive platform fighting game scene and we have always wanted to create a game that combines responsive control, customization, and modern-day visuals with a real commitment to the competitive community,” said Matt Fairchild, CEO and co-founder of Wavedash Games. “Launching into Early Access is a big milestone for us, and we look forward to evolving the experience with the help of our fantastic player community as we prepare for our official release.”

Built from scratch by a seasoned game development team from industry giants like Riot Games, Blizzard, and Ubisoft, Icons: Combat Arena is inspired by the early days of competitive fighting games, when anyone could jump in and immediately start having fun throwing out piercing punches, mighty shockwaves, and bruising body blocks.

Icons: Combat Arena Features:

  • Iconic Fighters: Seven playable characters are available at Early Access launch with more scheduled to come. Whether you choose the playful bounty hunter Kidd or the imperious empress Zhurong, there is a fighter whose style and backstory will inspire you.
  • Lightning Fast Gameplay: Movement controls are precise and responsive, while unique combinations of mechanics create strategic depth. Play with a Gamecube controller, GamePad, keyboard, and more.
  • Free to Play: No purchase necessary to jump in and play! Shop items do not affect game balance. Nearly all purchasable content can be earned through gameplay.
  • Customization Options: Want to play a cyberpunk sharpshooter or an elegant swordswoman ninja? Icons features skins, taunts, emotes, player portraits, and other customization items bursting with personality.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Finding a worthy opponent is as easy as hooking up local multiplayer, jumping into our online matchmaking system, or browsing custom matches – with more modes to come.
  • Competitive Balance: Picturesque arenas evoking different parts of the Icons universe are rigorously balanced for fair play, no matter the matchup. The core competitive mode is a pure test of skill, with no combat items or powerups.
  • Esports Ecosystem: Wavedash Games will begin hosting open-entry online and offline tournaments soon. Follow Icons on social media for updates