Iconic Archmage Class Revealed for Warhammer: Odyssey

Developer Virtual Realms just released new art and info on the Archmage, one of the iconic classes in their upcoming iOS and Android MMORPG Warhammer Odyssey. The game has been quiet for a bit, but now Virtual Realms is racing towards an open beta (launching soon) and pulling back the curtain on some of the awesome classes you can play in the game.

The High Elf Archmage is a force to be reckoned with, some of the most powerful magic wielders in the Old World. Their power, honed by centuries of dedication and practice, can turn the simple gesture of their hands into spells to protect their allies or destruction that can lay waste to an entire battlefield. While during war the Archmages were typically used in advisory roles to the king, their scholarly appearance belies almost untold power.


In Warhammer: Odyssey, the Archmage can specialize in protective and healing spells, or travel down the path of a destructive caster with incredibly powerful and high DPS spells at their disposal.


Some key Archmage stats:



Main Hand: Two-Handed Staff or One-Handed Sword

Off Hand: Focus


Damage: Command a terrifying arsenal of AoE and single-target spells.


Healer: Utilize powerful heals and protective buffs while debuffing enemies.