Hyperstacks Coming to Steam in Q2 2021

VR action-puzzle platformer

L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain –January 4, 2021– Independent game development studio Squirrel Bytes announces the release of their VR hit Hyperstacks on Steam in Q2 2021.
Hyperstacks is a frantic action-puzzle platformer with a powerful level editor that offers unlimited gameplay in VR. Fight against enemies, climb walls, solve puzzles and dodge traps.
Hyperstacks will be released in Early Access and it will remain like that for a year approximately. The game will be in constant development with new content and with improved visuals.
  • Level Editor
  • Create deadly levels in VR and interact with the community.
  • A really easy to use VR level editor integrated with a complete in-game guide.
  • Create complex systems and create your own logic for unique patterns and behaviors.
  • Community Based
  • Monthly-featured levels.
  • Community ideas.
  • Discord events.
  • Contests for everything.
  • Win cosmetics by getting your level upvoted.
  • Play unique creations from the community.
  • Fierceful combats
  • Melee and ranged combat.
  • Crush your enemies with your own combat style.
  • Full VR Movement
  • Move any direction even up or down.
  • Show how skilled you are at speedrunning.
  • Multiplayer (2021 Q1)
  • Play with or against your friends and create a level together.
  • Compete against other players’ ghosts
Additional Information
About Squirrel Bytes
Squirrel Bytes is a passionate independent VR game development team based in l’Hospìtalet de Llobregat, Spain. Their team members are Extrys (main developer and head of the team), Kima (artist designer), Predator (musician), Technal (voice of the lobby bot) and AnnoyingRains (community manager). Hyperstacks will be their first release.

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