Hyper Light Drifter Review

Hyper Light Drifter gameplay and design were created very well. From the time that I booted up the game I was hooked to its addictive gameplay. This 8-Bit style game is not easy I will say that much. I have played so many games on Normal or Standard mode but was I in for a rude awaking thinking it was okay to choose Standard Mode this time around.  

The games mechanics are pretty straight forward and the games story is unclear. The reason why the story of this game is unclear is because this game does not have any dialogue. As I was playing, I felt as if I started creating my own story and what this character’s main goal was. The navigation of this game can get confusing considering it doesn’t tell your exact location but the area that you are in. Plenty of times felt as I was just running around in circles and figure out what I needed to do next. 

Boss fights are no joke in this game. I felt every time I got a pattern down to defeat the boss the AI would switch it up and I would have to start all over. Every boss is different from the next and the way you beat the bosses is completely different as well. I did not feel the game felt repetitive at any point at any point in time.  


Overall the game is smooth but challenging. Music is on point every step of the way, on your journey you get calm and relaxing music but when you fight the bosses it completely changes to a faster beat that will keep you on your feet. The graphics is absolutely beautiful and the cut scenes make it feel like an anime. This is one I would recommend to pick up and play if you have the time. You can get the game on all major platforms, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and IOS. If you have time check out the creators of this unique game, website link will be down below. 

Website: http://abylight.com/