HWA introduces Perpetuoo at #CES2021

Perpetuoo unlocks the possibility of endless light

HWA will exhibit at the first completely virtual edition of the Consumer Electronic Show #CES2021. On this occasion, we’ll showcase Perpetuoo, the first intelligent LED driver that extends the useful life of lamps thanks to an innovative and patented monitoring and control technology.

The technology can be implemented on new products but it is also possible to easily retro-fit existing systems, such as the LED street lights already present on roads all over the world.
The result of using Perpetuoo is an extension of the useful life of the systems, thanks to the integrated and sensorless control of the internal temperature of the device, which can lead to an increase of up to three times the useful life estimated by the lamp manufacturer.
Considering the street lights, which remains active for about 12 hours a day, the introduction of Perpetuoo makes it possible to extend the useful life from the original 5 years to more than 15 years, with savings regarding the energy bill, maintenance costs and the replacement of the lamp.
The Internet of Things systems based on Perpetuoo, connected to the internet via modern wireless protocols, are able to monitor traffic and environmental parameters, regulate lighting by reducing excessive stress on the device, leading to a reduction in costs of replacement of systems and their maintenance.
For partner companies that deal with installation and maintenance, the possibility of integration via API with proprietary software systems is available, in order to have the entire network of devices under control and in real time.
The technology underlying Perpetuoo can also be easily used in Automotive Lighting systems.

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Perpetuoo commercial video

2020 Innovation Award

HWA has been awarded of the 2020 Innovation Award, announced by the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Calabria, for the innovation of Perpetuoo, the first smart LED driver which, thanks to an integrated control and patented sensorless temperature measurement techniques, allows to extend the useful life of LED systems up to three times their original life.

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HWA is showcasing Perpetuoo at #CES2021

HWA has been selected for the innovation of the Perpetuoo product and will be one of the Italian startups to take part in the first completely online edition of CES. On this occasion, through the virtual booth, it will be possible to present the product publicly for the first time and meet integrators, investors and simple visitors.
See you at #CES2021!

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