Hulu’s Crossing Swords: Press Day and Review

Hulu brings an original adult comedy to life with laughs, blood and cool sword fights. Crossing Swords is a show that you will watch and wonder how did they think of that? You will need to have tissue paper around you to clean yourself up, and I’m talking about the tears from laughing!

We watched an early screening on Hulu  of the show and attended the Press Day! It was a lot of fun and learned more about Crossing Swords.

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Patrick is a guy just trying to become a squire for his local king. He practices each day to become the squire without the support of his family. His mother would like him to do something similar like his siblings, you know, a pirate, robber, or drunken clown.

He gets that a chance though to live his dream and compete to be a squire for the king. Once he gets the kingdom, he learns that its not perfectly curved at the kingdom. You will see the true actions of the queen, king, and of course the interactions of his family in the episodes.

You see how the cast of characters bring this adult themed show into light and build Patrick to be a squire that makes him be a better person. The story that happens in each episode is freaking hilarious and unique to the extent.

Inside the Stoodio




We had the opportunity to pick the brains from the creators of the show and learn more of the process of the building this comedy. We were able to talk a bit about inspiration, character relation, and of course what fans should expect with the creators of the show Tom Root and John “Harv” Harvatine IV.

We get the nit and gritty with a few of the voice actors of the show. Here we talk with Tara Strong “Coral”, Adam Ray “Ruben” and Alanna Ubach “Queen Tulip” and ask them the questions everyone wants to ask them.


I was excited to be able to talk to Adam Pally, he is the voice behind Broth. I am a huge fan of Broth in the show and hearing him talk about Broth is just awesome.


As a fan of adult comedy, I was thinking maybe this show might be another Robot Chicken or even something equivalent to it. I was dead wrong, very wrong. This show is a well written, character built show that gives you surprises at every turn. The jokes are hilarious, original, and well thought of. The jokes even blend into the story of the show very well and that is very rare in television today. I enjoyed each episode and watched how Patrick progressed into the role as a squire. You watch his dysfunctional family use him for their own things but then you see how much love they have for him.  His side kick and bro Broth, is a favorite character of mine and keeps Patrick on his toes.

I enjoyed watching Crossing Swords and can’t wait for season 2!

Will you be watching? Let us know your favorite episode or even favorite joke in comments!

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