How Would You Book CM Punk in AEW?

Here is another of one of our opinionated posts to talk about the news that is circulating around the wrestling world! The eventual return of CM Punk to professional wrestling!

Here are our thoughts of how he should be book in AEW!

CM Punk should come out today on AEW Rampage! He should talk to the crowd, tell them he missed them and do a promo. He keeps looking up at the ceiling and we see Darby Allin and Sting! CM Punk waves and Darby just squeezes his fist. Then all of a sudden lights go out: Its Malakai Back!! He kicks Punk but misses and then punk does the go to sleep on him.

Sets up match for AEW Dynamite for CM Punk vs Malakai Black. Darby is on commentary and then we have an awesome match between those two. After match, Punk hand is raised, he looks straight at Darby and points his finger at him as he next.

All Out is CM Punk Vs Darby Allin is set and they have a fantastic match! Punk defeats Darby but lights go out and again is Malakai but he is outside next to the ring talking to in the mic. He says he brought a friend to even the odds and the tron spells out WINDHAM. Out comes the wrestler formally known as Bray Wyatt that is now a disciple of Malakai Black with his own carnage displayed on his eye. Right before they attack Punk, Bryan Danielson shows up and helps Punk fight off both wrestlers.

AEW Dynamite is CM Punk and Bryan Danielson vs Malakai Black and Windham. Match should be good and has Punk and Bryan winning. Then out comes out the Young Bucks who do a promo and leads to a match between them both for the AEW tag titles on AEW Rampage.

AEW Rampage is CM Punk and Bryan Danielson vs The Young Bucks. This is a good match and looks like punk is going to get the pin but Kenny Omega comes in and stops it. Disqualification happens and omega is beating down punk.

AEW Dynamite : CM Punk comes out and talks about Kenny Omega and wants a shot at the title. Kenny says no but he can fight a machine gun Karl Anderson. Good match and punk puts Anderson to sleep.

AEW Rampage CM Punk comes out and again challenges Kenny Omega for the AEW title at Full Gear. Kenny Accepts and match is made

AEW Full Gear CM Punk puts Kenny Omega to sleep in a 5 star match! Becomes AEW champion and is celebrated across the world on PPV!

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