Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport Travel Review

On the weekend of June 25 to June 27, my team and I traveled to Houston to attend the Houston Horror Film Fest. We decided to stay in the hotel that is hosting the event as we wanted to be near the action while of course near our room. We traveled to Houston to stay at the Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport and we decided to do a review of our stay.

We are highlighting a few things we saw, we enjoyed and what we didn’t like. The hotel stay was great and I believe we should be here again next as well!

Here is our review:


  • Comfortable Beds
    • My God were these beds comfortable! I was able to lay down on my bed to relax only to feel like I was transported to another world. I haven’t felt relaxation like that in years! I was able to sleep like a baby literally while laying down on these beds!
  • Delicious Buffet Food
    • I have to say I’m not a big buffet eater as I like to enjoy my meals I pick. Well, I have to slap myself silly now! The buffet food at this hotel was fantastic! I tried everything from the pulled pork to the steamed green beans with carrots. Everything was on point with taste, freshness, and unique style.
  • Nice Staff
    • Rarely, you go somewhere in a different city and have someone genuinely concerned with your stay. I was able to talk to staff about small concerns in my room and have it taken care of in a matter of minutes. I had staff wave hi to me while I was exiting the hotel and had staff smile when I walked by them. I felt like I was at home with friends at this hotel!


  • $10 Parking
    • I didn’t see no valet! I didn’t see a nice parking lot! What a saw was a small space to house a very large hotel and was still charged per night of my stay. I highly disagreed with this fee as I didn’t see a need for it.
  • 1 Elevator Spot
    • The hotel is shaped like a circle as it felt like your inside a cylinder type shape. There was one spot in that circle that held the elevator area to go up and down. There was 2 elevators in this one spot and felt this hindered another area like possibly across from it in a straight line would be a perfect spot for a second addition. I felt this gave me unnecessary walking as well as waiting time for myself and friends.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Link: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/houhh-houston-marriott-south-at-hobby-airport/