House of Quarantine Review

House of Quarantine a film by Mitesh Kumar Patel is the story of nine people filming a movie. At the start of the pandemic only to find out all hell has broken loose. The city is being looted and rioting is in full force. The film crew is now forced to quarantine in place when the first of the crew starts to show signs of Covid. Now forced to live together for an unknown length of time tensions start to boil over.

Can they survive together or will they be their own downfall with a lack of trust and their true colors come out? Will they go mad and turn on each other this film is a must-watch to see how it all plays out. A story deeper than just a group of people stuck in a house each one with their own issues and problems.

I really enjoyed this film for what it was and with a lot of “Quarantine” films coming out of the 2020s pandemic. I found this one to be one of the better ones it had a survivor feel to it who was going to team up to save each other.  Who was going backstab each other to live? The film touches on some dark topics and goes dark at times but shows you what the human mind is capable of.

Overall, I give this one a 7.5 for a good story and showing the realism of the human mind and showing self-preservation over everyone else. A good look into the mind and what one will do set this one apart. The non-use of zombies is so good that one is a bit played out in my book. I do wish there was a bit more blood and gore in the film and if they had shown the basement where they were sticking the sick would have been cool. A great film so check it out and see how it played out for the nine filmmaking crew.