Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Prime Video Review

The popcorn was poppin! The sodas were fizzin! The family and I slammed into the couch and we press play to watch this new movie on Prime Video!

We were able to get a screener through a blogger friend’s page and watch the movie online. I have done a small review below and showcased a few spoilers. I fully recommend just ordering this movie and having a great evening with your family. Make sure you have enough popcorn and sodas to keep everyone happy!


  • Story
    • Dracula is going to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the hotel and is deciding to pass it down to Mavis. Johnny starts to act a bit crazy as always which gives Dracula second thoughts and decides to say something else. Johnny wanting to be more like the family, so he wants to be a monster. He finds Van Helsing and uses his monster / human ray gun and becomes a monster. Dracula finds out and tries to change him back but instead changes himself to a human. The wild ride Dracula and Johnny take in order to find a part needed for the gun helps him learn more about Johnny.
  • Johnny as Monster
    • As a fan of Hotel Transylvania for years, we always wondered what type of monster would Johnny be. Well, I always thought he would be like a vampire like Mavis and Dracula. I was shocked he was a Dragon but you knew he was gonna be a cool monster. I enjoyed him as the dragon and how joyful he was even when he was big.
  • Human Frankenstein
    • Dracula’s friends ended up turning human as well throughout the movie. One of my favorite transformations is Frankenstein. He came out looking like a GQ model as a human. I couldn’t stop laughing at his mannerisms as a model and how he loved his hair.



Rating: 9 out of 10

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