You are currently viewing Horror publisher Feardemic announces the horror extravaganza, Feardemic’s Fear Fest 2022: Black Summer Edition!

Horror publisher Feardemic announces the horror extravaganza, Feardemic’s Fear Fest 2022: Black Summer Edition!

The gates of hell have opened and all kinds of horror are about to spill out into the world, as if from Feardemic’s personal Pandora’s Box. Big-name horror game trailers, influencers getting jump-scared, developer interviews, and a story to tie it all together, mark the calendar or the mark of the beast will mark you, Feardemic’s Fear Fest 2022: Black Summer Edition is coming to your screens on September 6(66)!

Feardemic is known as the place where horror comes home, but sometimes, there comes a day when it has to get up and go out and into the world. One such occasion is coming soon, in September, 06.09 – 08.09 to be exact when they’re running their new event, Feardemic’s Fear Fest 2022: Black Summer Edition open to all horror games, not just their own. 30 developers/ publishers and 15 influencers are already scheduled to appear and paint the summer black, and those numbers are only rising. Some of the confirmed names, besides Feardemic’s own devs, include NIS AmericaBloober Team, and NACON.

You can check out the full list of participants on the FF:BS website, where you’ll also find the event poster, and all the news straight from the Hellsteed’s mouth. You can also set up a reminder to make sure you won’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime celebration of horror. Well, Feardemic is planning to run the event annually, but you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to say you were there from the beginning, would you?

If you’d like to know more about the event, please visit the event page at or the publisher’s FacebookTwitterInstagramTikTok, or YouTube. You can also join their Discord server.

About Feardemic:
Feardemic Games sp. z o.o. is a publisher of computer games and related entertainment products that focuses on the horror genre. Feardemic’s mission is to deliver to its audience quality entertainment experiences that evoke the most interesting and what some believe to be the most important of human emotions: fear, trepidation, and revulsion. These are the feelings that keep us safe and warn us of impending disaster, and in turn frame our understanding of joy, elation, and happiness.
Feardemic is a full-service publisher and investor in intellectual property and game development studios. Feardemic is a subsidiary of Bloober Team SA and is based in Europe’s cultural capital – Krakow, Poland!


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