CORRIDOR is a brand new horror magazine that brings the weird worlds of short fiction, art, comics, and essays together under one roof. Horror fans are always on the hunt for their next great scare, but with so many competing media options available today, fans and creators alike can be separated by platforms, sometimes missing out on great stories. It’s unusual for horror literature and horror comics to overlap, or for either to merge with the horror of the fine arts. Enter – CORRIDOR. With its recent campaign launched on KickstarterCORRIDOR magazine hopes to unite these voices by bringing together creators from all the realms of horror print media.
The first oversized, 10×13 inch, 96-page issue of CORRIDOR will bring together the worlds of short fiction, comics and art. Its stories will blend horror with science-fiction and fantasy, focusing on weird, wondrous curiosities. These horrors will express an uncertainty about reality, invoking a radical strangeness and providing psychological mysteries that dissect our collective fears and anxieties.
The CORRIDOR team, managed by Christian Sager and Dave Moore, pledges to treat its contributors fairly, paying them what they’re worth, without taking creative ownership of their work. CORRIDOR’s goal is to tell high-quality stories and Sager and Moore believe this creator-centric approach will encourage the best from their diverse group of collaborators.  The first issue of CORRIDOR will feature content from:
  • Corinna Bechko
  • Nadia Bulkin
  • Brandon Daniels
  • Kristi DeMeester
  • JM Dragunas
  • Marie Enger
  • Ray Fawkes
  • Ed Grabianowski
  • Dave Jordan
  • Jonathan La Mantia
  • Robert Lamb


  • Ryan Lee
  • Brian Level
  • Maria Nguyen
  • Eílis Phillips
  • Rafer Roberts
  • Christian Sager
  • Scarecrowoven
  • Matt Sheean
  • Kate Sherron
  • Dave Wachter
  • Malachi Ward
CORRIDOR is anticipated to be released in May 2021, but only if their Kickstarter fully funds in the next 30 days. View the Kickstarter here and back CORRIDOR #1 today!