Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation Issue 3 Review

Our heroes Aloy and Erend had been spotted by a Stormbird and have to find a way to bring it down. Aloy shoots frost arrows at the Stormbird as it chases Erend. After they figure out how to take it down, Erend destroys the Stormbird with his weapon. They continue on their journey to find Korl and bring him to justice for a murder. While on their journey, Erend continues his story about Ersa from the previous issue.

Ersa has rounded up some of the best fighters to discuss on how to attack and destroy the Mad Sun-King. Dervahl isn’t having it as he doesn’t want to cooperate with the prince and secretly meets to discuss killing him too. Ersa finds out and traps Dervahl in an underground hole so she can continue her journey with her team to fight the Mad Sun-King.

A very good issue, we learned more of the situation involving Koral, Dervahl and Ersa. Dervahl does have a good point on not wanting to trust the prince and wants to make sure to wipe them all out. I think there maybe more to the story concerning the prince and maybe Ersa as well. I can’t wait for the next issue to discuss more of the situation. I did enjoy the quick action by Aloy and Erend to fend off that Stormbird in the first few issues. Very cool and neat!

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