Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation #1 Comic Book Review

Aloy is back to continue the story of video games biggest hits Horizon Zero Dawn. This is the first issue of the comic book series titled Liberation for Horizon Zero Dawn and we are taken further of what happens next after the ending of the video game. The comic gives us a brief introduction on Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy and Erend. Then we see Aloy is back with Erend as they are looking for his sister Ersa and information to the ones that got her.

I’m enjoying the backstory that Erend is telling Aloy about his sister Ersa and the mythology of the region. We watch as more characters start to emerge in the chaos of the realm of the area. This gives us an idea that there is more of the region than what we expected from the video game. I had a blast reading this first issue and felt like I’m watching a cutscene from a video game. I can’t wait for issue #2!

Find Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation #1 here: https://titan-comics.com/c/1688-horizon-zero-dawn-liberation/